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Site Surveys

Our no-obligation site surveys usually take just a few hours and are critical for both new installations and where a UPS is already in use to help you get the best system which meets your specific targets and budget.

Digital Network Cables

Survey includes:


  • Type of electrical loads

  • Power quality issues

  • If it is a Low, Medium or High Voltage Installation

  • Electrical Distribution System

  • Circuit breaker sizes already in place and their discrimination

  • Simple questions to understand your needs


We would then produce a scope of works which typically includes;


  • Cable Installation requirement for AC mains to the UPS and from the UPS output to the distribution system, and between the UPS and Battery / generator set.

  • Upgrade of supply ratings, cabling and Distribution equipment

  • Installation of additional Power sockets / fused spurs or Lighting systems

  • Procurement and positioning of new electrical Switch-gear

  • Installation of new Maintenance Bypass equipment

  • Installation of new Alarm cabling to Customers system

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