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Any type of mains power supply back-up like batteries and/or generators to be perfectly compatible to your existing system in order to function correctly.

Levitating Objects
City Night Lights

Battery operation


When there is no mains power present, a fault condition on the UPS output will result in an energy restriction in an attempt to clear the fault. Once cleared the UPS will continue supplying the load from the battery set, however if the UPS does not have enough power to clear the load it will shut down in order to protect itself and any downstream loads. There are several options for downstream protection.

  • Galvanic Isolation – this depends upon the set-up of the isolation transformers and where they are installed, with which type of online UPS and whether it has a single or dual input supply

  • Maintenance Bypasses – there are various types of maintenance bypasses available including internal and external

  • Surge Protection – subject to clients requirements (usually on the mains)



These must be compatible and suitable matched in terms of size in order for;

  • The generator to be able to accept the loads from the UPS

  • The UPS rectifier and static bypass supplies to operate and sync to the output of the generator

  • Interfacing between the UPS and Generator means we may need to run cables for both electrical and communications between the UPS and Generator and AMF Panel if remotely monitored

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