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Uninterrupted Power Supply

The Primary function of a UPS is to ensure that when there is a mains failure, for whatever reason, everything critical remains fully operational.

Levitating Objects
Coding Station

Design and installation of a UPS system is so critical, get that wrong and the whole system could be left unprotected.

However, our years of experience and knowledge enable us to get it right first time and ensure power continuity providing you with peace of mind


Continuous Power


  • Protection of the UPS

  • Protection of the critical loads supplied by them

  • Choosing the correct devices available

  • Identifying the different rating, suitability and characteristics as different circuit breakers react differently

  • Appreciating the ultimate need of the devices Circuit breakers that can sustain higher overloads for longer periods are designed for loads with higher inrush currents

  • We are required to use more responsive circuit breakers for sensitive equipment such as telecommunications and IT

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