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Cable Design and Installation is an essential part of the process as failure to do so could result in cables overheating and risk of causing fires and early cable failures, therefore it is essential to use experienced professionals to get it right. 

Electric Cables

There are many elements to take into account when designing electrical distribution systems, all of which could influence power quality, stability, reliability and the installation itself;

  • Load types

  • Load size

  • Power quality

  • UPS type (either online, line interactive or offline)

  • Back-up power system (Battery bank system) and time to recharge

  • Remote monitoring available if requested

  • Upgrades that could be required to the existing electrical infrastructure

  • Extra cooling requirements

  • Select the best Methods and routes for the installation

  • Use the exact same cable sizes for the Input and Output circuits

  • Select the most suitable cable to provide continuous thermal current rating

  • Ascertain voltage drop required within the specification

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