UPS’s or Uninterruptable Power Supplies protect your critical power supplies and equipment from unpredictable power problems providing a clean and stable uninterruptable electrical power source.

The UPS is installed between your “critical” load and its source of electrical power and provides two functions:

  1. A continuous power source when the main power supply fails.
  2. A clean, stable and regulated supply when the main power supply is available.

The following are forms of power problems that can affect your power supply;

  • Sags – a short duration voltage reduction below the nominal mains power supply level
  • Brownouts – long term reduction in mains power supply voltage
  • Surges – Short duration voltage increase above the nominal mains power supply level
  • Spikes – fast moving high energy bursts lasting milli-seconds
  • Harmonics – a distortion of the mains power supply voltage
  • Blackouts- a complete mains power supply failure

Any of these power problems can have a catastrophic effect to your power equipment and can ultimately have an adverse effect to:

  • Loss of business
  • Your company’s reputation
  • Loss of production
  • Security breaches

A UPS, if selected correctly, can protect you from all of the above offering you piece of mind 24/7.

TEC work with the leading UPS suppliers and will only offer you a system that is fitting for your needs.

We, at TEC, can provide you with full design and build for your entire system requirement from a small office environment to a data centre.

Please contact us if you have any questions.