A generator set is a combination of an engine driven by diesel or gas fuel linked to an alternator supplying electrical energy.

At TEC, we can provide you with generator sets offering invaluable electrical power when you need it, fully automatically controlled, offering you peace of mind when resilient power is required.

Generator sets can be suited to all environments and can be indoor sets or fully secured, fully bunded, attenuated (for noise) and all weather protected for outdoors.

The sets we provide can be single or three phase ranging from 5KVA to 1MW in standby mode with automatic mains failure panels monitoring the normal power supply should it fail, offering auto start/ stop and remote monitoring and alerts if required.

Our generator sets can be supplemented with secondary fuel tanks to provide you with extended run time.

We also provide rental generator sets to supply you with emergency power or for events where additional power is required.

Our dedicated team of design and build engineers can provide you with any solution tailored to you needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions.