Having amassed a vast amount of experience within the BT/Telecoms sector over the last 20 years, we can offer you solution packages to your AC/ DC infrastructure utilising our experienced power solution engineers some of which are ex BT employees.

We, at TEC are fully trained in the procedures and protocol required to work within the BT sector and can offer you this valuable service and experience.


We can cater for all your power needs including:

  • AC Power solutions
  • DC Power solutions
  • Diesel backup generators (static and mobile)
  • DC Inverter provision
  • Cooling solutions
  • UPS installations
  • Switch panel replacements
  • Extending Essential Services points of supply
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • PEMP alarm installation and commissioning
  • Battery replacement programs
  • Single point of failure solutions
  • No break solution issues

Please contact us if you have any questions.