Why TEC?

We, in the UK, expect our electricity supply to be constant and take for granted the fact that our supply infrastructure is reliable.

Over the next 10 years, the UK is predicted to enter a period of “power crisis”.

Coal fired power stations

Coal fired power stations currently produce 50% of our electrical usage. Carbon reduction targets set by the EU and our government will effectively mean that most of our coal fired power stations will close as coal has the largest carbon footprint in generating electricity.

So what are our alternative power sources?

Gas fired power stations

We currently use gas from North Sea rigs but are ultimately running out. We import gas from Russia and Eastern Europe but due to the recent unrest within this part of the world, this solution may not be sustainable or advisable to rely on this power source.

Nuclear Power Stations

8 of our 9 current nuclear power stations will reach their “end of life” within the next 10 years. To build and commission a new nuclear power station takes approx. 20 years before it starts generation electricity.

Renewable Energy (Solar and wind farms)

We currently consume 50GW of electricity. By 2020 the government is hoping that renewable energy will produce 15GW.

Our advice at TEC is to protect your mission critical power supplies before we enter the “power crisis”.

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